Do you offer a free consultation?

Our first meeting will be a consultation in which we'll discuss the issues you’re seeking help with and get a sense for how we might work together. If at the end of that consultation we decide not to continue working together, the fee for the consultation will be waived. I am also happy to offer a brief consultation by phone to help you get a feel for whether we may be a good fit.

How do I make an appointment?

To make an appointment, please contact me at (718) 753-3230 or at If leaving or sending a message, please let me know your full name and phone number, which days and times you might be available to meet, and which of my office locations you would be able to visit.

Is psychotherapy confidential?

In very rare cases, the law may require me to disclose information, for example if I learn of the abuse of a child, or of a serious risk of suicide or harm to others. If you choose to use insurance to pay for your therapy, please be aware that certain information may be required by the insurance company as a condition of coverage. This might include information about symptoms and diagnosis, and the extent of their impact on your well-being. Barring the above situations, I will take great care to ensure that your privacy is protected.

How often will we meet?

At the start of therapy, we will meet at least once weekly. In some cases more frequent sessions may be indicated, such as when a greater level of support is needed or when we are addressing very painful emotional states or deeply embedded and troubling patterns. Many people find that more frequent sessions allow for deeper work and a more enriching experience. Less frequent sessions (i.e. every other week) may be a useful option toward the end of therapy.

How long will therapy take?

The issues we will address in therapy most likely developed over the course of a whole lifetime, so understanding them and affecting real change may take time. There is no formula for determining ahead of time how long a course of therapy will last, but consistency and regularity help.

Do you ever offer a reduced fee?

I am happy to maintain a portion of my practice for those who require a reduced fee. If you would like to discuss this possibility, please let me know this prior to setting up your first appointment, as these slots are subject to availability. We'll discuss your situation as it relates to the fee when we meet for consultation.

Do you accept insurance?

I am not currently in-network with any insurance companies, but am considered an eligible out-of-network provider for all insurance companies. This means that your insurer will provide reimbursement for my services if your plan includes out-of-network coverage. Insurance often covers up to 80% of out-of-network costs after the deductible is met, but each plan is different so check with your insurance provider.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Therapy works best when sessions are attended regularly and consistently, so it is to your benefit to keep appointments as they are scheduled. If you need to cancel a session, please contact me as soon as possible, and I will make every effort to reschedule your appointment. If you are not able to provide 24-hours notice of a cancellation, you will be billed for the session.